We are conducting a research project at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, called “Beyond Blackboard Course Shells: What on Earth are they using?” The project has two aims. The first aim is to discover, promote and encourage teaching staff (in higher education and vocational education) to embed innovative technologies into curriculum. The second aim is to explore the use of the Blackboard learning management system in curriculum. The project is running February-December, 2014.

Howard Errey and Erika Beljaars-Harris are the chief investigators for the project and the project team includes John Benwell as a co-investigator. Rosemary Chang is the project manager and a researcher.

Our research methods include a survey of RMIT teaching staff and semi-structured interviews, which we are video recording.

This blog is a showcase for the good practice that RMIT University teaching staff have discussed in their video interviews.

Contact: whatonearth@rmit.edu.au

Twitter: @whatonearth14

"Beyond BlackBoard" project team picturing Rosemary Chang, Erika Beljaars-Harris, John Benwell, Howard Errey standing in a row

“Beyond BlackBoard” project team. From left: Rosemary Chang, Erika Beljaars-Harris, John Benwell, Howard Errey. Photo: Margund Sallowsky.

Howard Errey: Educational Developer (elearning) in the College of Design and Social Context.

Erika Beljaar-Harris: Educational Developer (elearning) supporting PCPM, Media & Communication, and Education at RMIT. Completing a PhD on faculty support and online learning. Interested in all things to do with online learning.

John Benwell: John is the Senior Advisor in Learning & Teaching to the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT. He brings a rich depth of expertise is the tertiary sector to the project. Just quietly, we suspect he knows the secret to pretty much everything RMIT!

Rosemary Chang: Rosemary brings twenty years experience in higher education learning and teaching, academic/educational development and education research projects to the team. She is pursuing a PhD at Monash University.


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