formsKate Kennedy from Fashion and Textiles uses several tools outside of the LMS, several of which overlap with her colleague Claire Beale. You can watch the interview with Claire for more detail.

Instead I was particularly interested in how Kate is using Google Forms with Production Management students. Google Forms enables a novel way to do peer assessment in group projects. Google Forms is a simple way to perform a survey and collate the results into a spreadsheet that you can create from your Google Drive.

How do you set up the forms for peer assessment?
Each student rates the participation of other students within their own work-group. Each student rates the participation of each other team member. The can’t vote for themselves as the survey captures each of their emails. Rating is done against 3 criteria on a 1 – 5 scale, with no opportunity for comments. The form is sent out a week before their group presentation and is open for a week afterwards. Each student repeats filling out the form for each of the other students in their group by manually inserting the name of the student they are voting for. Anyone who didn’t complete the surveys forfeited their own score. Voting is anonymous to other group members with only myself knowing the individual responses.

How does the peer assessment help motivation?
This creates a useful motivation for students to both make better contributions towards their presentation and to work better at getting along with the other students in their group. Some of them  complete the survey too eagerly before the presentation, only to ask to change their scores after the presentations!

Some students clearly realise the benefits of collaboration even to the point of collaborating on their voting. Those teams who communicated and understood the value, voted in a block for each other, which was fine because it showed that they had understood.

Kate is looking at extending this as a form of assessment across a new subject where students will regularly be assessing each others’ performance. Kate says that Google Forms are also a fantastic tool for students to use for their own learning in undergraduate Fashion Merchandising.

Formalising peer assessment

After interviewing Kate I came across this post from Alice Keeler on Using Google Forms for Peer Evaluation. In order to keep accurate track of student identification numbers she uses a Google Form to create a spreadsheet that can populate links to a new specific Form for each student. It’s a step-by-step guide worth checking out to see what is possible.

Interviewed by Howard Errey